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José Luque

José Luque could be defined as a "five-star chef". With over 25 years of professional experience, Luque has worked for large national and international companies. During this time, he has traveled the world representing Spanish haute cuisine and collaborating with prestigious chefs from other countries.

His love for cuisine was always clear to him. Since he was a child, José would climb on top of a chair to help his mother make croquettes. This is where the basis of his cuisine comes from, a total respect for tradition and raw materials, which has evolved thanks to his endless creativity and careful staging.

His tireless energy and dynamism led him to enroll in gastronomic competitions from a very early age. Among his achievements, he was the winner of the famous Valladolid national pinchos and tapas contest with his "100% Madrid" tapa. Another of his passions is teaching, in which he is fully involved to ensure that his students enjoy the art of cooking and understand the importance of teamwork to achieve success.

Since 2015, José Luque is ahead of the kitchen team at The Westin Palace, Madrid, where gastronomic quality has been the main goal since 1912, and assumes the responsibility of designing and cooking from small private events to the most important mass banquets that take place in the city.